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    NFP works great!  Our local paper had an article on fertility and birth control a few years ago, and the couple chosen to tout NFP claimed it worked "100% of the time."  In the five years of their marriage, they had had three children.  

    Without multiple births, and without birth control, how many kids can a woman reasonably produce in five years?  Right around three?  At the time, I wondered why they hadn't been able to find anyone who had fewer kids than pretty close to the max you could possibly produce in a given time period, but I guess those people are really hard to come by.

    These kids were also all "planned," but if you're "planning" a kid every 18-20 months, why say you're using birth control that's "100% effective?"


    by Ratmum on Fri Apr 09, 2010 at 06:43:54 AM PDT

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