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View Diary: Mitch McConnell is a LIAR. And the media says it, too. (216 comments)

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    Matt Z

    Whatever you say the answer from the Rethugs is no.  Get Faux news out there telling the low information idiots and tea baggers that the answer to Dems is no.  Orange Man says no; Deer in the Headlights Wall Street pocket man says no, because Wall Street and the bankers don't want regulations.  These jerks don't work for the people of America they just keep putting the money in their pockets and try to fool the American people.  They are doing a good job of it.

     Maybe someday the American people will wake up and say " What happened?" "We've been duped!"  "The rethugs lied to us!"  "Limberger, lied to us!"  "Beck lied to us!"  "Orange man lied to us!"  "The south rose up and swallowed us whole and now we are slaves to Wall Street and the bankers."  "OMG, the Dems tried to tell us the truth and we were too dumb to listen!"  "Fact check?"  "What's that ?"  "You mean we could have found out the truth but we were too lazy to do that?"  "But it was fun running around dressed in the flag with tea bags on our heads and communicating with the other ditto heads."  "What went wrong?"  "Obama was really a good president that had our best interests in mind!?" " And then we elected Sara Palin?"  "Other countries are shunning us!"  

    Can't you just see it now?

    "... - because it's about reclaiming America's soul." Paul Krugman

    by libbie on Thu Apr 15, 2010 at 10:01:42 AM PDT

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