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View Diary: "Honor" Killings: Two-Day Old Baby Girl Buried (329 comments)

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  •  Please don't generalize (0+ / 0-)

    Slink, the story you shared is horrible.  I really object to how you presented it.  

    You cast it as if all Middle East and third world countries are doing this, when in reality, they are equally horrified, and addressed this in their legal system.

    This sort of thing happens here to, maybe not as an honor killing, but there are often stories of babies left in trash cans, or one I recent remember was of two boys who were scalded to death in a hot shower while the parents slept off a drugged stupor.

    And yet, you generalized that incident to an entire region.  My husband is from a region where this could have happened.  Yes, families have a sense of pride, and the US could do with a little bit of pride in family values.  Yes, people tend to deal with things privately rather than wearing it on their sleeves like many Americans.  There are many good things that come from these countries.  In India, where my husband is from, they worship many gods, and tolerate many different points of view.  They try to have a representational government, with someone in a position elected to represent the poor.  Women have held some of the highest posts in government.  Some areas, such as Kerala, have a 93% literacy rate.  

    I find your generalization and manipulation of the story offensive.  If you and Eve continue with this flamboyant hyper-sensationalism to drive your cause, you will very quickly lose me as a reader.  Given your low recommend and tip rate, I suspect others feel the same.

    •  This wasn't even hyper-sensalist (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      and I did not intend it that way. There's no hyperbole in the diary.

      I know it happens here too, which is why I said we need to help eradicate social stigmas against women here and abroad, as you can see in the blockquote excerpt from the diary:

      We still have these paternalistic attitudes about children being born out of wedlock, and have much work to do in eradicating this social stigma at home and abroad.

      I care about honor killings, domestic violence, and rape, which is why I suggested action items against honor killings and the rapes in Congo.

      I am part Turkish and did not excorciate Turkey at all in this. I did not attack countries.

      As for the recommendations and the tip rate---I have been tipped by front-pagers such as Meteor Blades who has been a defender of women's rights. I'm not sure why you would make a note of that.

      I wrote this diary because I was moved by the news story and I wanted us to take action. I did not use hyperbole or sensationalize.

      I feel sad that you took a different view of my diary and are attributing different motives to my part in this.

      Join Our Countdown To Health Reform! Project I work with Progressive Congress Action Fund, a 501(c)4.

      by slinkerwink on Sat Apr 17, 2010 at 10:16:52 AM PDT

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      •  You work for good. (0+ / 0-)

        I'm not attributing motives, I don't assume to know why people do things.  Although, I've seen comments that do, and I understand why my comment would be seen that way.

        What you wrote about is horrific, and I'm glad that you take action to support a cause.  I support the same things.  But, it isn't right to generalize this event to the entire culture or region.

        I wish you had just written on sentence or paragraph that said this is not condoned by the community, but it is still practiced and here's how to help address it.  

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