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    but the RW media presence is so pervasive, these folks can (and do) immerse themselves in their alternate universe 24/7.  I dealt with teabaggers and Beck fans all summer - at a very basic level, there was some dialogue, but as soon as they got home, they went back to Beck and Fox and new talking points were planted in their brains.

    Until these folks can be weaned off the stupid that is Beck and FOX and Limbaugh etc - I don't see much hope at all in converting them back to reality based reasoning.  They've basically bought into a univers that either plays so much on their emotions that they just go all in -- or for others it is a universe that sadly, reinforces and legitimizes their own basic fears and prejudices.

    Reason does not work - facts are silly things - they relate at a level I find disturbing to their RW Oracles of Fear.

    I'd love to feel optimistic about getting through but these days, I feel rather depressed about it all.

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