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View Diary: GOP's New Prayer Guru Helps Incite Near Genocidal Hatred in Africa (123 comments)

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  •  He calls for Martyrdom in the US. (3+ / 0-)
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    Troutfishing, G2geek, Amber6541

    In regards to abortion clinics and gays, meaning that he feels it's OK to use suicide bombers...

    Someone... Please... Explain this to me:
    How is this not prosecutable? Why has nothing been done?

    •  Possibly (1+ / 0-)
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      Engle publicly might disavow that, but his role is incitement, not terrorism. Others may do that in response to his rhetoric.

    •  the way the law is presently written... (1+ / 0-)
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      Lonely Texan

      ... the threat has to be imminent, which means immediate as in right now.

      That would be as if to say that a restaurant has to serve food within five minutes of a patron placing an order, or it's not legally a restaurant.  This is an incredibly transparent expression of the American stereotypes of instant gratification and short memory span.  It fails utterly to recognize that for many of the cultures and subcultures from which terrorist groups come, people have incredible patience and terrorists take their time, stoking their hatreds and vengeances, and plotting in detail before they act.  Scott Roeder's assassination of Dr. George Tiller was a case in point, along with 9/11.  

      So what we have to do is change the law to reflect the realities of long time-spans between incitement and action.  The way to do this is to contextualize it with foreign terrorism and then write it to be applicable to domestic terrorism as well.  The language I have in mind is to replace imminent with clearly foreseeable, using a "reasonable person" test.   Any such law would face an immediate Supreme Court challenge, so the first test case would have to be with a foreign terrorist, in order to put pressure on the Supreme Court to recognize the empirical validity of the idea that long periods of time can elapse between incitement and action.  

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