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View Diary: AZ Republic says it's NOT about the borders (174 comments)

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    Julie Gulden, se portland, CS in AZ

    while crime on the US side of the border itself has not increased, they credit this to an extremely high presence of border patrol agents, and they point out that if you go north to urban hubs still within the state of Arizona, you do see considerable violence related to drug cartels. So to some extent at least, the border versus non-border issue is a straw man, since the actual law under discussion affects the entire state, including areas where according to this article, there is heightened violence related to Mexican drug trafficking.

    •  Policy not enforcement (4+ / 0-)

      This all gets back to the discussion yesterday. If we fix the sources of illegal emigration and drug laws, enforcement becomes easier. We don't need to put more people in prison; we need to fix NAFTA and our drug laws. To be honest I am not sure how to fix the drug problem, but as long as there is money to be made selling illegal drugs to Americans, someone will do it.

      I should point out too that the drug trafficker is not the immigrant working out in the fields.  

      Four out five sock puppets agree

      by se portland on Sun May 02, 2010 at 09:31:10 AM PDT

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