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View Diary: AZ Republic says it's NOT about the borders (174 comments)

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  •  Why is McCain in Congress? He doesn't even (10+ / 0-)

    seem to know what is going on regarding the border fence.  I read sometime ago that the fence was being built by BOEing, and that after several tests, it doesn't work the way it is supposed to work.  He should know that this was the reason the plan was abandoned.  Hell, I know it, and I'm not a member of Congress.  If he and the rest of the republicans would spend less time on Fuchs Noose, strategizing on how to sell their useless lies, stop meeting with corporatists, and read and study the effectiveness of policies they voted for, they would be more knowledgeable.  Any time one of them is on teevee, I cringe.  It's shameful the way some Americans vote to provide these folks with a salary of $174,000 + benefits at our expense to do nothing and to know nothing. They are an excellent example of sucking at the public's teat by getting paid for doing nothing.  I think of them as welfare politicians.  No wonder they don't like President Obama or progressives.  We are policy-driven while they are driven by their ideology. If they think it will work, that's enough for them, and it doesn't matter if the record shows a policy has been a dismal failure, try it again.  It works because we say it works.

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