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  •  Illegal Immigrants Just Want to Work to Feed (3+ / 0-)
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    their families back home in Mexico and put a lousy tin roof over their families' heads.

    They aren't necessarily looking to renounce their Mexican citizenship and become American citizens.

    They're stuck in gut-wrenching, desolate poverty and are NOT taking away jobs (like stoop laboring vegetable- and fruit-picking and other nasty farm laboring positions and meat-processing, sweatshop garment sewing, roofing, lawn mowing, etc. in the sweltering Arizona heat jobs that pay sub-minimum wage and no benefits) from Americans.  
    They do the work that Americans refuse to do for the wages offered.  

    They accept the shittiest jobs and gladly do them because of the economic desperation in which they find themselves.  
    Most people would do the same when similarly situated.

    They expose themselves to death every time they walk to come here dealing with a long, dangerous trek in the desert heat encountering poisonous snakes and predatory animals (including smugglers of humans and drugs), etc.

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