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    My teeth clinch every time I read a press report about the recent incident of the murdered rancher that says (as this article unthinkingly does) that he was murdered by "a suspected illegal immigrant".  My teeth clinch, because this meme of equating "illegal immigrant" with violent crime is insanely out of whack. It is a virtual certainty the rancher was murdered by a Mexican trafficker of some sort.  OK.  Armed traffickers that cross the border are no doubt here illegally.  Doh.  But, is the fact they are here illegally the primary thing we need be concerned about?  This kind of statement in a newspaper simply feeds into an absurdly out-of-whack stereotype. Without any doubt this incident, and the hysterical stereotype, helped to persuade a few legislators not otherwise inclined to vote for this unfortunate piece of trash to vote for it.  It is ultimately going to cost Arizona more than all of the illegal immigration in Arizona since I have been here.  

    Illegal entry into this country is NOT a violent act.  In fact it is only a "criminal act" in the same sense that exceeding the speed limit is a "criminal act".  It is a civil misdemeanor crime.   Virtually all of the "illegal immigrants" that arrive here, arrive here unarmed.  Actually "disarmed" might be a better word.  The job of the "coyote" who transports them is to extort as much money from them as he can, with little regard for their safety.  He would have to be batshit insane and stupider than a rutabaga to allow any of them to be armed.  

    What this law is all about is the Republican hierarchy seeing that Latinos vote 2 to 1 for Democrats.  They see that as a threat to their power.  They appear to believe that because non-Latinos outnumber Latinos 2 to 1, that they can drive a wedge between them and they will be the beneficiary.  More likely, they are dooming their party in this state to a fringe status.  

    As a resident of the Tucson area for the past 25 years, I didn't need this article to tell me the facts.  Its main value is in educating the rest of the country.  

    The law is going to cost all of us here dearly.  Just for starters, the law is going to cost us the baseball All-Star game, which causes some to say "so what?" , but that misses the point.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  But it will draw attention and increase the damage.  UA president Shelton says foreign scholars are canceling their enrollments at UA.  Conventions are being canceled.  Tourists from everywhere are changing their plans.  Mexicans (LEGAL tourists, ranchers, business people) spend more than $7.35 million dollars DAILY in Arizona.  (University of Arizona study) Mexicans are being advised by their government to avoid Arizona.  I guess the parking at Costco may be less crazy next week when I shop, but at what cost?

    It is a sad, sad situation.  

    There is certainly violent crime associated with the smuggling of drugs and people into Arizona, in both cases mostly bound for cities all over the US, not Arizona.  The level of violence is certainly no worse now than when I arrived 25 years ago, while the population has almost doubled.  It is also a fact that (as pointed out, on TV, by a representative of TPD following a "home invasion" incident in the Tucson area), if you aren't involved in smuggling in some way your chances of being victims of this kind of crime are about as close to zero as you can get.

    I have a cousin that lives near Nogales, AZ, so close to the border he can see Mexico from his front yard.  No fence.  No guards.  He hasn't locked his front door since the day he bought the house in 1982.  No, we are not Latino heritage.  

    Total insanity.

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