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  •  how has it come to be that basically... (3+ / 0-)
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    RiaD, newpioneer, Marja E

    All Of Us--

    All. Of. Us., who are the sons and daughters
    of immigrants--

    (except for the native first nation people)

    could Ever have a condescending view toward
    any immigrants?

    What in Thee Hell has happened to our country,
    that we could have this attitude(?), and i use
    tancredo as that poster child for this--he, whose
    own people were only decades away from this same
    type of discrimination.  

    i have recently been thinking of contacting
    France...and telling them that they should
    Demand that we send the statue of Liberty
    back to them, or at the very least,
    destroy it.

    we are no longer of the mindset:

    Send me your tired, your poor,
    your huddles masses yearning to be free.

    these tea-baggers who say they want their
    country back?  i call bull-shit.

    our country is/was All About immigrants,
    and diversity.

    i too Want My Country Back;
    the one that celebrated our multi-cultural,
    multi-religious, multi-ethnic backgrounds.

    •  To be fair, each influx has come with problems (5+ / 0-)
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      tardcat, newpioneer, bkamr, Marja E, mama jo

      I'm no historian, so maybe I speak too generally, but didn't Americans compain about and mistreat blacks, chinese, irish, italians,  japanese, puerto ricans, vietnamese.  Before and after Lady Liberty iconified the american dream, the melting pot has had xenophobes with short memories bleating 'no furrners!'

      Oh, and native americans.  No small dose of irony there...

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