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  •  Nicaragua Defeated America With Fewer (4+ / 0-)

    assets than any.  It is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere.

    Needn't be but it is.  

    The raving lunatic who has allied with the somocistas of the ancienne regime to become presidente for life makes a farce of his revolutionary credentials.

    I had some hopes of making a trip to Nicaragua because of my interest in geothermal power.  There are not the idiot roadblocks put in the way of travelers that Jill ran into and, in fact, Americans purchase magnificent abodes with poverty-stricken servants for a song today.

    Great place to visit I am told and I believe it.

    Not so hot living there though.

    Maybe one day Nicaragua can be free.

    Maybe some day we can be too.

    Too late for some of us.

    I personally think there is far too much romanticism about terrible dictators like the Castros and the budding dictator in Nicaragua but appreciate the diary very much.

    Best,  Terry

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