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  •  Is it truly an embargo of only one country (12+ / 0-)

    participates?  I'm from South Florida and was born in Habana but raised in the States and I think the embargo is silly myself.  But the way I see it, removing it would have the effect of revealing that the "emperor has no clothes".  The regime would no longer be able to blame the yanquis for the shockingly squalid conditions it keeps its population in.

    I just can't understand the romanticism that we on the left have with Cuba.  I get it that because they are not subject to the evils of our consumer driven culture Cuba seems to be an antidote.  But many people there are unhappy because they don't have the choice to travel outside the country, start businesses, or speak freely without fear of repression.  I submit that we as Liberals/Progressives would find these conditions intolerable.

    Yes education is free and Cubans are highly educated but they can't earn enough with their degrees to feed their families with Cuban pesos.  So the choices are catering to tourists, stealing from the government, and buying on the black market for basic goods.

    Healthcare may be free and Cuban doctors are very good but hospitals have very basic few resources like medicine and bed sheets for the vast majority of Cubans.

    Why can't Canada or the EU or South America with their open trade relations make life more tolerable there in the way that we believe the US could?  Why is internal dissent not tolerated even when it comes from the wives and mothers of Cuban dissidents holding nonviolent marches?  Why are we supposed to give the Cuban system a pass on these fundamental human rights just because they may have gotten a few things right?

    Again, I believe the embargo is a farce because it permits the Cuban government to justify withholding of freedoms and development for the Cuban people by hiding behind the oft repeated threat of a US invasion.  Once the embargo is lifted we will see that the Emperor has no clothes!

    "Counterpart to the knee-jerk liberal is the new knee-pad conservative, always groveling before the rich and the powerful." - Edward Abbey

    by Artmagus on Tue May 18, 2010 at 09:37:21 PM PDT

    •  and our emperor too. (2+ / 0-)
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      Larsstephens, Trotskyrepublican

      Because everything we criticize about Cuba is going on in countries to which Americans are free to travel any time.  

      Or worse.

      Cuba doesn't chop off the heads of rape victims for "adultery," as they do in Saudi.  

      I have no illusions about life being rosy in Cuba or anywhere else: humans are humans everywhere, including their desires to dominate each other and make each others' lives miserable.

      But in any case we can all agree that the embargo is just way beyond stupid and mean at this point; it only serves to keep families apart, and it's a blot on our own liberty.  

    •  Great comment (3+ / 0-)

      I went there three times in the 1990's, and in my conversations with people, I would echo your sentiments. Not being able to travel, speak freely or participate in a free market are basic and fundamental restrictions on a person that make free education and health care seem pretty insignificant.

      I think the reason is that a lot of the "left" that goes down there, does so with a political agenda in mind, and hooks up with organized elements within Cuba that have the same agenda. They then mostly talk to people who extol the wonders and virtues of Cuba, so it seems that things are going well.

      But that's a tiny minority of the population that has some kind of "hook up" with the government, or foreign allies. That's not the vast majority of the population.

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