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  •  China gives the fatcats what they want (3+ / 0-)

    Krushchev was right - eventually Communists did find a way to sell us the rope we'd hang ourselves with.

    Our capitalists have always raped Latin America based on one principle: the local elites hate their masses and love gringo corporations.  The alliance between our rich and their rich against their poor ensured that the poor would never get education, because education might lead to change, and our rich and their rich wanted feudalism forever.

    So I don't need to spend much time explaining their vendetta against Cuba.

    But China, ah, those guys have figured us out.  Our fatcats are now so greedy and short-sighted that they want superprofits the peasants of Latin America could never provide.  They needed a country with a strong government, improving infrastructure, sophisticated educational and technological institutions, and a truly vast population of bright, tireless young people.  Naked capitalism NEVER produces this in the 3rd World.  So China offered itself instead - with a catch.

    In Latin America, our capitalists always were given control.  Beijing will allow them to have profits, but not control.  Beijing determines the goals of development, and it wants to create a richer country, one which one day will shed the sweatshop jobs our corporations offer, will even shed the dollar and US global domination.

    In the past our corporations would never have risked eternal American domination for a quick kill.  They were evil, but at least they were patriotic.  Now they're just stupid pimps.

    So the rope has been sold, and we are hung.  Cuba could do very well for itself as China's forward base in penetrating Latin America.

    The tragedy is, China did all this under the assumption that burning resources like the US would have no other consequences, like Peak Oil and global warming.  It should have used Cuba's conservation efforts as its model to dominate the resource-poor world of the future.  It should have viewed its farmers as partners, not an embarassing relic to be crushed.  It should have emphasized scientific agriculture and medicene, as Cuba has.

    But such policies would not have lured the corporations into stealing all our money and investing it in China.

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