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  •  that cigar ban is just nuts. (4+ / 0-)
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    natasha, arlene, DontTaseMeBro, MichaelNY

    And it's pure jealousy.  As follows:

    Cuban cigars are legendary to the point where even some nonsmokers who try them, like them.  

    Cuban cigars used to be a staple in corporate offices and boardrooms across the US.

    Then came the embargo.  The corporados managed to stock up, and put away a good supply that would last many years.   There are rumors of occasional secret shipments of "Castro's cargo" available to people who know someone who knows someone.  

    But you can be quite sure that there are people in high places who used to enjoy kicking back and relaxing with a good Cohiba, who are bloody pissed that they can't get them any more, or have to pay an arm and a leg for a half dozen or so, and then a week later return to smoking their usual cigars, which aren't quite the same any more.    

    All the more reason to persecute innocent travelers who bring back a few.  Especially travelers who are communist sympathizers.  

    Forbidden fruit.   Can't let the communist sympathizers have it.   Sour grapes.

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