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  •  which ones? (6+ / 0-)

    The ones the Castro regime keeps, or the ones the US keeps at Gitmo?

    Have you ever visited a prison in the US?  Ever think about the statistic that 30% of black males in the US have had contact with the criminal justice system and a felony conviction forfeits your right to vote?   Ever think about the implications of that, particularly in an age when racism still lurks below the surface and increasingly sticks its ugly head up and makes noise?  

    Nowhere is there a complete absence of repression and general nastiness between humans.  Nowhere is there a society of enlightened people.   Everywhere has problems, but everywhere has something to teach to everywhere else, and something to learn from everyone else.  

    And there is exactly no rational basis, much less compelling state interest, to prevent Americans from flying 90 miles to see something that breaks most of our expectations.  Getting one's expectations broken from time to time is a good thing.  

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