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    I am so sorry for your loss, as others here have said.  I live in fear of this very thing happening to me, because I do not think I could survive the loss of my spouse.  

    Look around us, search above us, below, behind.
    We stand in a great web of being joined together.
    Let us praise, let us love the life we are lent
    passing through us in the body of Israel
    and our own bodies, let’s say amen.

    Time flows through us like water.
    The past and the dead speak through us.
    We breathe out our children’s children, blessing.

    Blessing is the earth from which we grow,
    blessed the life we are lent,
    blessed the ones who teach us,
    blessed the ones we teach,
    blessed is the word that cannot say the glory
    that shines through us and remains to shine
    flowing past distant suns on the way to forever,
    Let’s say amen.

    Blessed is light, blessed is darkness,
    but blessed above all else is peace
    which bears the fruits of knowledge
    on strong branches, let’s say amein.

    Peace that bears joy into the world,
    peace that enables love, peace over Israel
    everywhere, blessed and holy is peace, let’s say amein.


    I am also very angry with the people who attempted to hijack this diary for their own petty displays.  Absolutely shameful.

    Please remember to take care of yourself in the coming days, weeks and months.  You have such great skill as a writer, and are clearly a person of great quality.  Thank you for taking the time to share this with the community.

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