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View Diary: Fox Breaks Out the Biggest Dog Whistle of Them All (295 comments)

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    long, long ago, I was a Libertarian. (Ah, the foolishness of youth--but in my own defense, this was after I was an Anarchist.) I was a child when the Watergate scandal was big news, and an impressionable young man when Reagan got caught making illegal arms deals. When I got to college, Daddy Bush was in office, and I had come to believe that government in general was corrupt, invasive and overwrought.

    But really, I just wanted marijuana legalized. That's what Libertarianism was really about in those days.

    But then Clinton was elected President. We were intrigued, because he was the first president to admit "trying" weed. Before long, however, Libertarians started getting really nervous. Talk of the New World Order began--as did equally serious talk of a water supply laced with brainwashing chemicals, a Communist infiltration of our government, UFOs carrying aliens who wanted to breed hybrids with human women, a president who was personally running drugs from South America, and incessant chatter of one doomsday after another.

    It didn't take long to figure out where their nervousness was coming from: pamphlets from the John Birch Society were being floated around our circles. And they were loaded with this stuff. That's when I realized what "batshit crazy" truly meant. Much later, it became apparent that they hadn't just been targeting Libertarians. They had also snowed white supremacists, local militias and stolid Christians, mostly in the South (where anti-gubmint sentiments had been brewing since the 1870s). Their best method of attack was by generating fear about losing Second Amendment rights. That's one thing all the targeted groups could rally behind: every good Libertarian, white supramacist, militiaman, and rabbit-hunting Southerner balks at the thought of being forced to give up his guns.

    Eventually I understood that we'd all been snookered. I learned that the JBS was a right-wing fringe group who had been banished from the Republican party for their extreme views. They still wanted back in--but they had to earn reinstatement. With a Democrat in office, they saw their opening. They cranked their paranoid message into overdrive. I watched as once-reasonable friends descended into pseudo-madness. Maybe all the dope had "loosened their minds." I don't know.

    So I went the other way. The final straw was Oklahoma City. I knew then that They had gone too far.

    So I can tell you from first-hand experience: it's no coincidence that the same batshit-crazy message has returned with a vengeance at the same time we have another Democrat in office. The Birchers are now back in, having at last successfully converted Libertarians and Independents into Teabaggers. And we all know that a Teabagger vote is as good as a Republican one.

    It is most irksome to see these crazy ideas come back. It makes me completely irate that major media are pushing them as "facts." The use of dog-whistle phrases such as "New World Order" (and the author is correct: "NWO" is the biggest of them all) in so-called legitimate news outlets is a sign that They now have great influence, power, money and support, and have penetrated big-business and politics further than previously thought.

    This current climate has a high probability of turning tragic. Just as it did last time.

    This is why we must stand up to them now. When Obama took office, he said that he would need our help. This is when we should give it.


    by Phil T Duck on Sat May 22, 2010 at 08:53:15 PM PDT

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