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View Diary: White House plans to force BP to set aside money to pay damages (272 comments)

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  •  Concern over Obama 'shuck and jive' on BP (0+ / 0-)

    Why the United States Still Can't Get BP to Do What's Necessary - Gulf Oil Spill 2010 | Gulf Oil Spill Pictures, Gulf Oil Spill News -

    If Obama asserts no legal authority over BP, he can't cleanup the oil giant's cleanup.

    Meanwhile, the White House backed off its suggestion earlier in the week that it could stop BP from paying a giant dividend to its shareholders.

    I’ve got a better idea. Wouldn’t it be far simpler for the White House (stating that the Pollution Control Act of 1990 gives it authority) to put BP’s American operations into temporary receivership? That way, Obama can take over BP’s assets here and use its expertise to stop the leak and clean up the mess as soon as possible — and leave the subsequent years of bickering to the courts.

    Extra bonus: It shows the public the President is really in charge.

    if Obama does not assert legal authority over BP then he is all 'shuck and jive' and is owned.

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