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  •  Benefits of Consumer Protections??? (4+ / 0-)

    From your link of the Patient Bill of Rights (emphasis mine):

    Protecting Americans’ savings: High medical costs contribute to some degree to about half of the more than 500,000 personal bankruptcies in the U.S. in 2007.9 These costs borne by individuals might be assumed by insurance companies once rescissions are banned, annual limits are restricted, lifetime limits are prohibited, and most children have access to health insurance without pre-existing condition exclusions.


    # Enhancing workers’ productivity: Making sure that kids with health problems have coverage will reduce the number of days parents have to take off from work to care for family members. Parents will also be freed from "job lock," which occurs when people are afraid to take a better job because they might lose coverage for themselves or their families.10

    Double huh? Surely, I suppose, those statements have to be true in some cases...

    They should have had you write this doc, BWD.

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