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  •  Obama's chance to reset Afghan mission. Its over. (5+ / 0-)

    Obama must know now that Biden was right and McChyrstal was wrong about Afghan war.  

    Obma relieves McChrystal of command for insubordination and says it has caused him to reevaluate the mission. He now sees that US is going down the same failed road as the Russians, that Karzai is not reliable partner and never will be and that US has only one mission in Middle East now and that is getting Bin Laden, which is why we started the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq 10 years ago.

    Obama will refocus attention on that while planning for US withdrawal next year as planned.  In the interim, US will supply arms to and training to any Afghan group that requests is so that when US leaves they have a chance to fight for their country as they see fit.

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