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View Diary: My July 4th in prison, or what it really takes to be a foster family (141 comments)

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  •  Thank you - I am not, myself, a direct product (10+ / 0-)

    of the so-called "child protective services" system, but the system, in both Colorado and Oklahoma, has impacted me nearly my entire life.

    My maternal grandfather died young and my grandmother spent most of the remainder of her life (until her early 80's) as a foster parent.  She was celebrated in OK for her long and loving service to OK children, and it was no surprise to us that nearly a dozen of those now-adult kids - some prospering, some just getting by - showed up at her funeral.

    In a second career after early retirement from the Federal Govt (while I was in college), my father became a municipal judge in Colorado and has worked for years with the local CPS; since their own children had left the nest, my parents became foster parents, until 14 years ago, when they adopted my sister.  They adopted her while still a baby, but her prenatal care was terrible, the result of a drug and alcohol addicted mother and random hookup father.

    So, over the last 14 years, there have been some challenges.  Nothing like you have faced, and so I thank you and hope for you a long future as a happy father, father-in-law (to whomever he eventually comes to love) and, if it is to be, years of spoiling grandchildren, whether they be bio or adopted.

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