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    But regulatory controls seem to be "customized" for each market. God forbid a lab rat is exposed to CH3O but no problem for hair/nail salon employees and customers to be exposed for day-long drenching in the vapors. As a scientist I can be protected by OSHA regs in the lab and contaminated putting on make-up.

    There are no inspections to prevent Chinese imports like cough medicine and dog food that contain toxic organic compounds like melamine which is used in Chinese building materials they also export. What can a reasonable person expect?

    I think all Americans can be assured that our marketplace has only expanded exposure to toxic chemicals since abandoning the path of regulatory vigor of the '60s and '70s.

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      state Missouri evacuated an entire small town in the late 70's due to people becoming ill in the newly constructed homes. Cabinets, carpet, sub-floors. I thought they corraled the problem back then like they did lead in paint and toys, but that was BC (before china). Sorry for no cartwheels here, but we restarted alot of fires with deregulation, including the financial industry. I called Amy's office back when i heard she was trumpeting "new" regs for the above, and suggested for many remedies such as credit card abuses all she had to do is open up her UCC book from the 70's and presto, the WallStreet gusher would be capped. Like the 1999 Glass/Steagal repeal, formaldahyde and lead reappearance was a problem previously solved. But hell, even firemen need the work. What next, champion repeal of the Patriot Act abuses, Gitmo closing?

      P.S I am in the construction industry. HCFC to CFC will be a problem again for the ozone layer if we revert back too. Hopefully we don't have to solve this twice. What kills plumbers? Dental offices. OSHA, had teeth, then defanged by Bush. Old is new again.

      Spit, rinse, repeat.  

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        ...standards and enforcement. We took control and the companies took it back through the Republicans by deregulation and control of the courts. Retaking control is going to take an all out war on DC and will need a few more SCOTUS appointees.

        We can't "couch" the existential need to detox America or the fact that the federal gov't is the only way to combat the freedom to contaminate America and Americans to make a dime.

        Traveling through the South (from Cal) I was horrified by the visible pollution, would not buy any of the trash passing as produce in the lone groceries in small towns, and on the NJ Turnpike could smell the aroma of aromatic hydrocarbons fill my vehicle as I passed the pharma factories at 70 MPH.

        We know better, have the technology, the facts, the smarts and the money. All we need is the will. Good for Klobuchar's bill...but seriously...

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