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  •  I'm so sorry your mother is gone (18+ / 0-)

    but she won't be forgotten. She's in your heart.

    Both my mother & (younger!)sister died of Alzheimer's. It's a very scary horrible disease. I'm in some research studies so hear a lot of the "news" Researchers are coming up with interesting possible treatments. One is in Phase 3 clinical trials now that supposedly is very promising to change the course of the disease. It's given intravenously, like chemotherapy.
    But the idea of diagnosing Alzheimer's earlier doesn't make a lot of sense to me (being super-high risk as I am) unless they have some slender thread of hope for treatment. I'd rather wait in semi-ignorance until diagnosed by my poor functioning, if there's nothing they can give me to try to stop it or slow it 'way down.

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