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View Diary: BP Hides Use of Mostly Black Prison Labor For Oil Gusher Cleanup (257 comments)

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    But few are interested all that much.  Although groups are forming to fight the enslavement of prisoners.  What's amazing is that, even here, there is little empathy or compassion.  Until people care enough to push back, this emerging, private industry will just keep expanding.  

    Onshore Manufacturing - Cheap Prison Labor
    by War on Error  

    Fri Jan 02, 2009 at 05:55:50 PM PDT

    Our nation spends over $65 billion annually on corrections. The increasing privatization of our corrections system, including juvenile detention facilities, provides troubling incentives to maintain the status quo of our justice system

    And this diary

    Are Prisoners Cleaning BP's Crap UP?   Canaries?

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