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View Diary: The Iraq Election: Defining Success (489 comments)

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  •  Opportunity Costs (4.00)
    The question isn't whether their is some good outcomes in Iraq - the question is at what cost?

    1400+ US troops + 100,000 Iraqi deaths + $200 Billion dollars = Shia state not allied with U.S.

    Is that worth it? What could have been accomplished with that money and loss of life (besides reelecting Bush)?

    •  Exactly exactly exactly exactly (none)
      This is exactly the point to be making to the right.  If we had a magic wand to take out all the bad people in the world, hey go for it.  We don't.  Sure I'm glad for improvement in the lives of an oppressed people, sure I'm proud when my country can do good.  But not at any cost.  

      Where better could we have used that money?  Start with a real, longterm solution to the world's energy needs.

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