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    Condi Rice does NOT dissappoint. SHe does her cheerleading supremo and lying to public on first week of her job!

    CONGRATULATION OBAMA and everybody who is voting for Condi. Here is your first LIE!!!

    and ..She is going to keep lying and misleading the public with more and more brazen made up facts...

    Rice Says Iraq Elections Exceeds Expectation

    •  Right (none)
      The only way this would have exceed expectations is if the Sunnis turned out.  The fact that they didn't is a very bad sign.  Its a virtual guarantee that the insurgency is that future of Sunni participation.   Once again, I really think its time to start planning a multi-state solution.

      To his virtues be very kind, to his vices, very blind.

      by Descrates on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 09:17:32 AM PST

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      •  Almost nobody in Iraq wants a multistate solution (none)

        The Kurds don't want to be cut off from the customers of their oil, most of which is pumped through Shi'a or Sunni areas.  The Sunnis don't want to be isolated in a desert.  The Shi'a aren't that keen to expel the Sunnis, who dominate the professions.  
    •  Condi Ought To Read This (4.00)
      Condi ought to read this OpEd from the Int'l Herald Tribune to find out what a successful election requires, by a person who might know a thing or two about it:

      Iraq: This election is a sham
      by Salim Lone - an adviser to Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN envoy to post-invasion Iraq who was killed in 2003 in a bomb attack on the UN compound in Baghdad.

      GENEVA--Very early in the occupation of Iraq, the Bush administration recognized that a democratic Iraq, even a stridently anti-Saddam one, would not countenance the strategic U.S. goals the war was fought for: controlling the second-largest oil reserves in an energy-thirsty world, and establishing military bases required for undertaking the political transformation of the Middle East to serve American interests. A long-term occupation to secure these ambitious goals was no less tenable.

      So even as the Americans proclaimed their mission as one designed to introduce democracy and human rights in Iraq, they fought against demands for early elections even from putative allies like the Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. They also maneuvered to put into place a self-governance and electoral plan that, through carefully circumscribed United Nations involvement, they thought would ensure that the hand-picked Iraqi leadership would enjoy some legitimacy, with the elections scheduled for Sunday providing an added boost of Shiite support.

      But as this blood-stained election shows, the complete breakdown of this plan has been one of the most colossal U.S. policy failures of the last half-century. Indeed, this is not an election that any democratic nation, or indeed any independent international electoral organization, would recognize as legitimate. Continue

      Know all your enemies. We know who are enemies are. Stop Eminent Domain Abuse. End Corporate Welfare

      by BrooklynBoy on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 11:19:34 AM PST

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