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  •  I was just thinking (4.00)
    the same thing you wrote.

    We're all so relieved that there was little bloodshed during the elections, yet who kept building up the expectations that there would be bloodshed?  Why, bushco, of course!  Manipulating everyone as usual.

    When bushco kept warning about election bloodshed, I was asking myself why would the insurgents turn to wholesale killing of the population?  It makes no sense and would get them no sympathy from the population.  So far, it appears they target mostly people who are in cahoots with bushco [with the exception of the poor guys being trained as Iraqi police]; the isurgents don't seem to target the population in general.  

    So the lack of bloodshed so far doesn't really surprise me.  IMO, all of bushco's "fears for the election" were just for manipulating our expectations.

    •  When Bush starts talking down (none)
      something, as he did tody's so-called "election", you now the repugs are starting there usual lying, "lowering expectations" propaganda game which the lapdog US press always falls for hook, line, and sinker. Witness today's NY Times headline:

      Iraqi Voters Turn Out in High Numbers Despite Attacks Intended to Deter Them

      This so-called "election' is like a lot of other Bush propaganda stints: landing on carrier, capture of Saddam, et al, ad naseum, - the RWCM and Bush will lock each other in a sugar-rush embrace, which will wear off when the killing continues. The problem for the Bushists, who live in a fantasy world, is that the Iraq Sunni resistance is not like the US press corps, or like the large number of Americans who fall for Bush's lying. A quick phony "election" is not going to fool the Sunni insurgents, who will likely attack again and again, and will be unrelenting until the US pulls out.

      I don't give a f--- about your war... or your president. ~Snake Plissken

      by assyrian64 on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 09:50:07 AM PST

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