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  •  You know what? (3.83)
       I heard this same damn accusation when Baghdad was captured.

       I heard this same damn accusation when "discovery" after "discovery" of WMD's was announced.

       I heard this same damn accusation when Bush was prancing around in a flight suit, declaring "Mission Accomplished".

       I heard this same damn accusation when Saddam was captured.

       I heard this same damn accusation when his sons were killed.

       I heard this same damn accusation when power was transfered.

       You know what? My skepticism has been right every time. My accusers haven't been right once. They've been wrong again and again.

      I'm the one with the track record of being right on Iraq, and people like you are the ones who have been wrong time and time again.

      Why not play the good odds and be skeptical? Because it's worked in the past, every time.

    •  You make good points (none)
      and I think it is wise to be cautious. However, just to point out the difference between your valid tipping points not making a difference and this potential tipping point. This is the first one that has involved the Iraqi people directly.

      They now do have a STAKE in their own country. they may choose ot go back to doing nothing about it, but they may also choose to start acting.

      since we dont know who these new elected people are, there is always hope that some of them are true leaders and maybe an MLK, or Jefferson, or the like might emerge.

      Up until today, the only 2 players in the game were the US and the insurgents, now the Iraqi people and their elected officials have been put center stage. Let's see if they can sing.

      I think the most likely thing ot expect from the insurgents in the coming weeks and months is targetted assasinations of these newly elected officials. We'll see.

      This is a bigger tipping point, have to wait and see if its big enough, and IF the US administration can finally manage not to fuck it up by interfering

      I am a Reform Democrat

      by Pounder on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 10:17:49 AM PST

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      •  *laugh* (none)
          "Involved the Iraqi people directly".

          That's funny. You think those crazy towel-heads buy that spin?

          Seriously, what is it with our arrogant assumption that the Iraqis are fucking retards?

          They know what puppet elections are like. Saddam had them all the time. They're more used to this bullshit than we are, and seem to be better able to play "Spot the liar" than the American people.

          "Involved the Iraqi people directly". Except for the Sunnis, of course. One of the three major ethnic groups in Iraq didn't participate, but that's okay. Everyone -- Sunnis' included -- will overlook that in their joy to acclaim legitimacy.

          What color is the sky in your rosy little world?

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