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  •  OK (none)
    I once stuck up for Schieffer on the Kerry blog when he was attacked in advance as a potential debate moderator.  The man was from the old school of ethical journalism, I said: a REAL journalist, impartial.  So what if he golfed with the Bushes once in a while?  He could be professionally objective.

    But this lube job sends me over the rainbow and not in a good way.  You know the greasy spot left on the sdiewalk after you scrape up your dogshit?  Cheney's lower than that.  And Bush reports to Cheney.  And Schieffer's reporting on Bush.

    "No. I'm pretty fuckin' far from OK."

    by moltar on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 11:51:52 AM PST

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    •  To be fair (none)
      he followed that quote immediately with another implying that history would be highly critical of Bush if things don't work out.  I didn't catch the exact quote and the transcript isn't ready yet.

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