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  •  I agree with your read of Bushco intentions (none)
    but disagree with the highlighted portion of your statement:

    In the unlikely event that the US military prop is pulled away, the killing, which will continue after today's phony "election", will increase and likely devolve into civil war. Bush of course put the Iraqis and American troops in this awful position

    Sy Hersh has recently described most of central and northern (non kurdish) Iraq as essentially a US military "free-fire zone". It is doubtful whether Iraqis could or would be able to kill more of each other than are currently dying under American occupation.

    The 'civil war' meme is also questionable. It is frequently recited by the Bushco/media machine, and under the current situation might be the best thing that could happen for the occupying forces to keep Iraqi subdivisions and factions fighting each other, instead of US, to maintain its grip on the country.  

    But from what I have read, all the Iraq sectarian groups share a common strong sense of nationalistic identity, and  have many overlapping tribal and marriage ties that bind together Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds (who are Sunni non-arabs)and the smaller christian and turkman groups. Thus, left to their own devices and without outsider agitation, civil war among Iraqi factions may not be likely, based on historical precedents, and cultural factors.


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