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  •  my take (4.00)
    I've read most of the comments above, and tend to place myself with the "cautiously pessimistic" part of the group.  My evaluation:

    1. The dictated tone of the day in newsrooms will be "wow, what an unexpected triumph; Bush defeats his naysayers once again"

    2. Anyone (especially with media prominence) who suggests the evidence is not all in, that we need to get fuller information, will be dismissed as one so wrapped up in Bush-hating that he can't root for America or freedom

    3. As details dribble in, we'll find that the reports from today were overstated; that turnout didn't quite match the oversized claims; and that the Sunni abstentions remain a serious problem

    4. Within weeks, it will be clear that the insurgency hasn't been affected one iota, and Iraq will remain the tar-baby it is today

    Coverage of the Bush administration is completely predictable: it's the Bizarro version of the Clinton administration.  Under Clinton, the first day of any major development (usually a "scandal") would be reported as horrific, the end of his reign.  As time went on, it would be clear those initial evaluations were nonsense.  With Bush, the news is viewed through the most rose-colored glasses imaginable; every turn in the road is the beginning of the rapture.  Quickly, we find out those evaluations were also nonsense.

    The one constant in the two is: the wingnuts continue to hold to the initial evaluations as if they're revealed truth.

    •  demtom's take (none)
      demtom, in reference to your "evaluation"

      1.  The "dictated tone" will be the first time many newsrooms have captured the full truth in one of their stories in years.

      2.  I've never read a better warning of the dangers of bush-hating.  Hate of any kind destroys the haters, not the hated.  You guys should get therapy, get over it, and go do something positive to help your party.  You're destroying it with your hate.

      3. I wouldn't count on it.  

      4. If I print our your message, and coat it with chocolate, then "within weeks", when you're summarily proven wrong, if I send it to you, will you have the class to eat it?  Or, perhaps you could dispose of it more appropriately if I smeared it with vaseline...
      •  Wait ... (none)
        So the opposite of hate is what Bush and the fascists are doing?

        Ah yes, they're just oooooozing love and kindliness.

        With that love and kindliness having now resulted in how many tens of thousands --- or is that hundreds of thousands --- of innocent Iraqis dead? The complete devastation of a country [looked at the figures of Fallujah lately?] --- the stripping of the bill of rights? The raping of Social Security to pay for BushCo's screwups and gets a little more moolah to his banker friends?

        Need I go on?

      •  wow (none)
        dicebucket, what an impressive, point-by-point rebuttal. I believe you left out "Nyeah-nyeah" and "so's your old man".

        One thing I should have added to the list of things that happen whenever news breaks for Bush: trolls show up in huge numbers at Dem web-sites.  It's the rare day when they can claim with regard to Iraq "we're not 100% wrong", so they swoop in and flood with posts, before they can be banned.

        Re: your contention that the press hasn't engaged in group-think before, please enlighten me about all the dissent/skepticism expressed the day the statue was toppled...or Mission Accomlished was declared...or Saddam was captured (Howard Dean was roasted for the now plainly correct observation that it didn't make us any safer).

        I have to say, though, I was impressed by Peter Jenning's maintaining a rational tone tonight (esp. compared to supposed left-winger Dan Rather, who gushed and gushed).

        Yeah, dicebucket -- end with that nice "you must be a faggot" imagery.  It sure sits nicely against your contention that we need therapy for our "hate".

    •  my take too (none)
      I'm impressed by the initial estimates of voter turnout, but they are only initial estimates, and they are only overall estimates as well.

      Time will tell if this election was a real success, but I'm afraid I already know what time is going to say.

    •  I think #3 is happening (none) only mentioned later in the day that Sunni participation was low, but left that out during the day, and might not even have it up there now. Brian Williams seems to have his head on straight, saying that all kinds of reports are coming in and if exit polls in the US are misleading you can only imagine what they are like in Iraq.

      The last thing this country needs is two Republican parties.-Ted Kennedy

      by jj32 on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 02:49:35 PM PST

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