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View Diary: The Iraq Election: Defining Success (489 comments)

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  •  It's not about credit, it's about courage (none)
    Don't worry, Bu*sh* will get due credit for this mess. History may have been written by the victors in the past, and there is this tendency today, but in the end, the facts are clear enough.

    What many on this board don't seem to realize is that this really is a great day for the Iraqis. It must take a tremendous amount of courage to vote, to show yourself at the polling station, to have your finger marked purple, to put you fingerprint down as having voted. This is the real story.  

    Also remember that Iraq had rigged elections from the 20's to the 50's. Given the US control of this it must seem like there is a very small chance
    these elections will be fair.  However, in spite of a history of bogus elections, in spite of a flawed process, in spite of personal risk, many Iraqis did vote.

    They voted for a small chance to have a better life. They are to be admired and supported. Please do not cast this as failure. It is progress. And in the end, this is how the Iraqis are going to get rid of us, and get their lives back.  

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