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View Diary: The Iraq Election: Defining Success (489 comments)

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  •  more difficult questions (none)
    what defines a "successful" vote?

    to what extent will the results be subject to corruption/manipulation? will an elected government be allowed to oppose US occupation policies or otherwise?

    does the act of voting = successful democracy?

    to what extent does the voting in iraq actually indicate discontent with the invasion/presence of US troops?

    will the elections, with their high shiite and kurd turnout, reverse the ethnic balance of power in iraq? will this elevate sectarian tensions?

    what is currently the purpose of US occupation forces in iraq?

    has the voting/installation of a "democracy" in iraq made the us/world/iraq safer?

    how long can a "democracy" last in iraq under current conditions? without the presence of us troops? does democracy mean independence for iraq, or make it less likely in the near future?

    most importantly of all: if iraq can be termed a democracy, does that automatically make it a better place? does it justify an invasion resulting in chaotic internal violence?

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