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  •  Notable quote from Chalabi speaks volumes (none)
    From the above article:

    Chalabi confident

    Ahmad Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress, which is part of the main Shia electoral slate, said he was confident that nine million Iraqis had voted, with turnout significant even in Sunni areas.

    He said United Iraqi Alliance monitors estimated turnout exceeding 50% in Salahadin province, the mostly Sunni home region of ousted president Saddam Hussein.

    "The lack of preparations in the north is hurting
    my party"

    Mosul candidate Mishan al-Jibury

    "Millions of people created their own security and showed that they are more potent than terrorists," Chalabi said.

    Turnout has been also overwhelming in Iraqi Kurdistan, Foreign Minister Hushiyar Zibari, who is a Kurd, said.

    "The turnout in Kurdistan is huge," he told Al-Arabiya television. "There is a rush for the Kurdish people to guarantee their representation in the National Assembly."

    Sounds like a Chalabi-Kurdish coalition is in the making, to "March toward (but never quite reach) Democracy in Iraq".

    Would Bushco have second thoughts about backing Chalabi, a convicted (en absentia) embezzler of 200 million dollars, as "democratically elected leader or Iraq?  

    •  I'm not confident... (none)
      of any reports regarding the vote right now. Anyone fool enough to have confidence in Chalabi...wonder what riverbend would have to say about this.

      Would love to hear her take on the election though.

      It's difficult for me to get excited about this "democracy" in the making. I know that some Iraqis want to believe in democracy in their homeland. I don't think there ever will be, really, until we leave.

      Their country has been bought and sold, and they better watch out for the rampant privatization going on there now.

      This is democracy at the point of a gun. The real test is going to be what happens when our guns leave.

      But really, they'll have a country to rebuild, from scratch. Hopefull they will kick out our  leech contractors also, or anyone else who has profited from this war. By by. don't let the door hit you in the...

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