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    I don't see enough political will to go through with it by the Bush administration. May be it's just wishful thinking or interpreting something in little changes of language I realized taking place by Rice and Bush. I just don't believe they have the stamina to stay through a second Vietnam-style conflict. Let's say I hope they are just too lazy to continue burden themselves with years of guerilla warfare.

    No, I think they must withdraw soon, especially if the violence continues. People will say the violence is a direct consequence of US troops presence and if the population thinks that, the Americans will be hated. In the end I believe the population wants the terror and destruction to stop and they don't care anymore how it is brought to a stop. They will accept any strongman, if it doesn't stop.

    I can't imagine the Americans staying for longer than a couple of months. Then they must go. They will never be able to prevent the terrorist from attacking at will one day and suicide bomber at a time.

    I am confused, because I really liked to see the vote going on and considered it "a good day", the first good day since the war started. And I can't believe the Iraqi would just give up on their first openings to build a democratic constitution, just because the US troops would leave "early".

    Human life should be governed by truth, freedom, justice and love.

    by mimi on Sun Jan 30, 2005 at 08:54:29 PM PST

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