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  •  Thank you for this diary. (19+ / 0-)
    Unfortunately, the catastrophe is not receiving nearly the amount of attention and assistance that it should.   I'm not sure whether this is because of worldwide views regarding Pakistan  or because of a relatively-low death toll thus far(as compared to say the earthquake several years ago that struck the north-east of Pakistan or the tsunami) or some kind of combination of the two.

    The monsoon season is only halfway-through, water-borne diseases can increase the turmoil dramatically, there are questions about certain dams being able to hold, and there is a major shortage of food and clean water.   This is not good.

    •  I wish the Kossack (13+ / 0-)

      who is on the ground in Pakistan would write more often...and get more rec's.  I forget his name, but there's nothing better than getting an eyewitness account.

      The last diary I saw from him, he was saying that the rain continued.  I.e., the flooding was ongoing.  This was at least a week ago.

      All my sympathy to those suffering from the floods.  Relief supplies will have to be flown in: there is no other way to reach the worst-flooded areas.

      Clusterfuck, much?  Yes.  Again: all sympathy to the people of Pakistan.

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    •  Sad. (1+ / 0-)
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      Been watching CNN (eww) at work, and they've been covering Pakistan fairly well. Yesterday Ali Velshi was reading comments left on his Facebook page regarding the Pakistan disaster.

      He read a comment that stated pretty much: I am sorry that this is happening and that children are suffering, and yes it's terrible, but personally I hesitate to donate money because Pakistanis have typically hated the US and not been very helpful in our attempt to go after Al-Queda, so why should Americans have to cough up money in this really bad economy for people who aren't going to thank us anyway and when this is is all over, they are still going to hate us.

      Today Ali read a few comments along the same vein. While images of stick-thin children are hitting a sore spot in Americans, many people are turning away because Pakistan isn't the friendliest of nations.

      You can see some of the same sentiment in this comment thread.

      It's really sad, but I suppose if you can say nothing else of these people, you can at least say they are honest. I don't condone what they are saying, but I guess I understand it. It is easier to donate to the needy, especially in this horrible economy, to a nation like Haiti (after the Earthquake) that has not been a threat or otherwise have a crappy attitude towards Americans.

      Personally, if I had the money, I would donate to Pakistan relief efforts. The images of people, especially those horrendously skinny children, is heartbreaking. But I don't have the money. So I will just tip and rec and hope for the best.

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