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View Diary: Please Help Pakistan... Please ... Update: New Flood Warnings (155 comments)

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    Tubacat posted this link about the effect a shift in the jet stream had on the weather in Russia and Pakistan.  Pakistani Flood & Russian Fires
    At the end of it:

    Lastly, some think the sun might be playing a part. Astrophysicist Mike Lockwood published a study earlier this year showing that blocking events such as this are more likely to happen over Europe during the winter when solar activity is low, and has since linked it to summer blocking events too. He told New Scientist: "There's enough evidence to suspect that the jet stream behaviour is being modulated by the sun".

    It isn't always global warming.  The weather isn't static and never has been.  This isn't the first time the Indus river has flooded, and it won't be the last.  Some things are just beyond our control.  What are you going to do, sue the sun?

    The issue isn't climate change.  It's that 20% of Pakistan's population lives in a flood plain that floods each year due to monsoon rains.

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