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View Diary: MO-Sen: Dems suffering from intensity gap (246 comments)

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  •  But long-term we are just as screwed. (0+ / 0-)

    Blue Dogs dominate the caucus... not in numbers, but in policy outcomes.

    If you care about progressive outcomes, then voting for more Blue Dogs doesn't solve this problem.

    I'm not saying the answer is not voting, but just voting Dems also doesn't address that issue.  Becasue when Blue Dogs win, everyone says, "See, conservative Dems are so dang electable."

    Basically, structurally we have a situation where progressive outcomes are disallowed no matter how we vote.  We are expected (as progressives) to vote for conservative bullshitter policies to be implemented by Democrats rather than Republicans.  Supposedly this will be less odious that the GOP implementation.  But it's a given that we are NOT to expect any progressive outcomes.

    •  Vote for progressives in primaries, then (1+ / 0-)
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      Vote for the most progressive candidate in the primary, then vote Dem in the GE.

      Vote third-party left IF you're in a strongly blue district.

      If you're in a Fusion Voting state (i.e. NY) vote on the Working Families line.

      And vote for Democratic State Reps. so that redistricting won't make Republican-leaning districts which can only elect conservative Dems at best.

      Donate to progressive candidates and causes.

      Any of those things can help move things left.

      And although many don't see it, Democrats HAVE moved left. Seriously, as maddening as the current Democratic Congress is, it's by far the most progressive and coherent Democratic caucus ever. Seriously. Bill Clinton's Democratic Congress was WAY more conservative and included not just dozens of Blue Dogs, but tens of dozens of way more conservative Dixiecrats. It was the same story in the Senate - Richard Shelby was a Democrat, for God's sake.

      Same story with Carter. And, yes, with LBJ and FDR, who had to contend with a vast block of RW Dixiecrats but could sometimes pass liberal legislation with the help of (now extinct) liberal Republicans.

      Take the long view.

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