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    find it impossible to pass up the criminal-justice freebie during the election cycle.  This year alone, I've read a half-dozen stories of calls for new laws and punishments and restrictions being ramped up for criminals and parolees.  "Law 'n Order" sells big on election day.

    And there is no blow-back.  What sane competitor-politician is going challenge it only to be labeled "soft on crime?"  They don't even have the balls to discuss it in terms of money.  And the prison system here, in California, is a crushing burden on our more-than-broke state.

    The overcrowding is horrific and the healthcare is being overseen by the federal government.  That's pretty bad but not enough to change it.  The conditions are hardly "correctional."  They breed violence: gangs, murders and rape.

    If that wasn't bad enough, the CCPOA (prison guard union) is the strongest in the state.  They once successfully challenged an early-release proposal to alleviate overcrowding.  Their reasoning?  It would cut into their overtime.  That's the tail wagging the dog.

    I used to be Snow White...but I drifted.

    by john07801 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 at 12:10:24 PM PDT

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