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    I located a bus going from Texas.  However, the guy who is organizing this bus says he's concerned that there won't be a big crowd.  He says there are several labor unions in Texas and there are no buses other than his going.  Doesn't that seem strange.  He also said that he's called DC hotel/motels for that weekend and no problem getting a place to stay.  Doesn't that seem strange?  I hope he's wrong.  He says he's e-mailed several of the labor unions in Tx. and has received no response as to how many people will be attending.  Doesn't that seem strange?

    Anyway, I signed up to go on the bus.

    Does anybody have any factual info regarding how many people will be attending 10-2 march/rally?

    Here is the map showing buses/cars.


    One of the Tx. labor unions has it on their blog but I cannot find any info as to how many people will be attending.  Shouldn't there be buses for labor unions in Tx.?

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      That's how these things work.  You never have a good idea on the crowd size.  You can't go on the basis of buses either because most of the crowd comes in on their own.

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