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View Diary: Real Solutions for Ending Prison Rape (23 comments)

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    I despise the prison system and the public attitudes around it. Even by themselves I dislike the system, but its a clear violation of the Bill of Right these days. The two big problems: You cant keep everyone in isolation, as that is cruel and unusual. However, you also cant have everyone together, as violent and nonviolent offenders clash, and people seek power over one another. No one is sentenced to be raped...except that every single day, a person is sentenced to be raped. Sure those arent the words, but we have long since evolved past the need for our language to actually express what is happening. As a result, I fear the only course of action that would be following the bill of rights, is a complete and total deconstruction of the prison system. No new prisons, all old prisons permanently shut down. Between the rape, the violence, and the killing of innocents, we are at a point where it is far more harmful to put someone into prison than to keep people out.
    As our society has deemd it unneccessary to actually try to reform people through punishment (see: pointless, evil "sex offender registry", "statutory rape") there is nothing to do but end it all. From my point of view, ive seen nothing but the most horrible of actions.

    Ever try to say "The sex offender registry is bad"? You get screamed at, booed at. It is wholly political. Every year they stack more and more abuses onto so-called sex offenders, making these peoples lives permanently miserable--cruel and unusual punishment again.

    But even beyond ALL that, all those many many good reasons to end prison, theres one more: it is horrific. I dont know about everyone else, but I view it as a supreme crime to force someone into a cage, and being an atheist makes it infinitely worse, as this is viewd as our only chance.

    Theres no defense for this system. It is flawed to the point of uselessness, and are the major hotbeds of extreme institutional evil in this world. God help us, because we are destroying each other.

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