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    the main reason this comment gets rejected a lot is its scope. You kinda dart from issue to issue without a clear stream of consciousness. You list many important things, but in general, you are correct in stating that there is a bias toward violence in men in the world. The hard part though, is that this is how its been since the beginning of time. For most of history, like all but the last hundred years or so, women were truly the victims in all cases. But today, we do need to start looking at the other side. If a woman were to accuse me of hitting her, i'd go to jail. Nevermind that im sickly and physically weak (I have trouble holding jugs of milk.), id still be the one in trouble. Even though ten year old girls could beat me up with relative ease. As for the circumcision thing, I am with you 100%. Very few people seem to view this as the abomination that it is. I call it Genital Mutilation, because thats precisely what it is, that is the goal and intent of the act. If you want a circumcision, fine. More power to you...As soon as youre an adult. It is wrong for parents to force this on a child. Ever. The ONLY case is when the foreskin itself has a disorder. For instance, a friend of mine had to get a circumcision rather late in his life, because the foreskin did not grow appropriately. I find it horrible that it continues to this day, and even moreso that surveys show women do not like the appearance of uncircumcized genitals. Thats quite disgusting, and weird. The gay community seems to have the exact opposite opinion on the issue, at least from the..eagerness with which I experienced things.

    But in the end, I think you need to condense your ideas and arguments, and reduce the rhetoric. Its like when I say the republicans want sick people to die. Sure they probably dont, but it gets attention. Just next time you want to post about this, take a good, long look at what youve written, to see if theres a less aggressive way you could state the same issue. Too often my own ideas go unheard due to my difficulty choosing words, and I hope this will help you out in the future.

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