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View Diary: [UPDATE: Rhee to Newark?] Why, I didn't know Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was an education expert! (63 comments)

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  •  you're mistaken. (4+ / 0-)
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    I am no fan of Facebook (keyword privacy), and I am no fan of Zuckerberg (keyword egotist).

    However there is more to this story than you are aware of, and some of us are looking into it further.  Bottom line is, he may actually be doing some good with this one, in a way that is not immediately obvious to people who are not aware of some of the other issues involved.  

    I would seriously suggest not getting into the "shoot first, ask questions later" mode about this.  

    •  I suppose that could be more cryptic (1+ / 0-)
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      Is there some indication of greater clarity being forthcoming?

      •  i hope so. (0+ / 0-)

        Something major is at stake, and Zuck's intent is going to be very difficult to discern.  There will be measurable outcomes that will demonstrate what's going on here, but they may take a few years to become clear enough to be sure.  

        Read the stuff that I linked to in another post, and read Zuck's bio in Wikipedia, and you might come up with similar hypotheses to the one we're considering.  

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