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  •  We just got the sweetest Jersey cow and her (5+ / 0-)
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    little calflette today.  She is so friendly and affectionate.  Her name is Bella.  So we're going to name her calf Lugosi.

    We actually got her to feed her milk to our our lambs.  We run a sheep dairy, so that means a lot of lambs with big bellies.  And I've had it on good authority they do well on the extra creamy Jersey milk.

    That's if I don'[t steal it all for myself first - lol.

    But you're right, she is a bit big for most gardens, even if she is a little cow compared to Holsteins.  But instead of a goat, get a sheep.  They have much better attitudes, and the milk is sweet like a cows (unlike goats), but without the lactose issues.  And you can freeze it without it tasting funky afterwards.

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