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  •  Credibility issue (none)
    Sure it's fine if the Majority Report keeps calling him a male prostitute, but renska's right that we have to be careful about this meme. We risk the story becoming "liberal bloggers and radio hosts identified Guckert as a prostitute based on flimsy evidence" (and they've shown that they can spin things that way). Here, people have talked about the sites as a sting operation, or called him a pimp -- and it is just as likely that those websites were just Mittyesque wish fulfillment. So, we know many things for sure. That we don't know for sure. So you can bet which point the right counter attack will harp on if we're not careful.
    •  I totally agree (none)
      The Republican line is: This poor average Joe conservative reporter is being crucified by the liberals...  They're even calling him a sniff gay prostitute! (que the violins.)

      But the point is:  Why is Bush calling for an independent press and then moments later taking a question from a shill, planted to lob softballs during press conferences?  And it opens a big, BIG ugly can of worms for the White House.

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