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  •  Jesus you people make the wingnuts look sane (none)
    The WaPO is not some secret organ of the Republican/Corporate industrial complex.  And Howie Kurtz certainly isn't the devil.  I find it ironic on a thread where we are bashing a fake "journalist" for being a partisan hack that toed a corporate line, you are essentially bashing HK for not carrying your water exactly the way you want him to.  HK wrote the article and included the details he felt were relevant and verifiable.  Those may not be all the details you wanted in the story but that's what good reporter does, he filters rather than transcribes.  (and remember when KOS went front page with Gannon's story (which he had to pick up from another blog, never noticing the diarists here who'd been laboring for days to produce the story)  The thing he highlighted was Gannon's gay porn connection, not the far more substaintial links to the Plame affair)

    The most ludicrous thing you said was to accuse Don Graham of exercising some sort of invisible hand to ensure that all his reporters "toe the corporate line"  (Never mind that Leonard Downie is actually the editor) but your thesis immediately contradicted by the fact that another reporter at the same paper chooses to cover the story different way with different details.

    Howard Kurtz wrote the Book Spin Cycle in 1996 where he was the first one to decry the Right wings's machinery to create, distort and control the news,  since then he's been one of the best and most skeptical media critics int he business.   Not extreme enough for you?  good. Main Stream Journliasts SHOULD produce news that never completely staisfies partisans on one side or the other.  When they do, they are producing propaganda not news (cf. Fox news)

    Knowledge is power Power Corrupts Study Hard Be Evil

    by Magorn on Thu Feb 10, 2005 at 09:14:11 AM PST

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    •  Your points on Kurtz are well taken. (none)
      He has some obvious blind spots, however, when it comes to the right vs. the left, and especially when it comes to conflicts of interest, that have been well documented.  And realistically, despite occasional bursts of Doing His Damn Job, he simply doesn't take the media to task very often for someone who is supposed to be doing it as a primary job function -- even when the ethical lapses are seemingly egregious.

      The CNN piece with Blitzer represents Kurtz at his most typical, for me -- his work on Reliable Sources was uniformly shallow at best, and this Blitzer report was part and parcel of his usual on-camera schtick.  He doesn't get too many kudos from me for slanting his CNN appearance in such a way as to almost completely ignore wrongdoing on the part of Gannon or the administration in favor of finding an invisible balance against mean bloggers who dared look into the story.  Granted, that may have been the angle his CNN handlers are more interested in, compared to his print handlers, but it was deplorable.

      His written reports are nearly always better, and he has indeed covered other aspects of the Gannon story more completely in those.  But if anything, that only demonstrates to me, yet again, that when push comes to shove and he has to put a quickie piece together for Wolf, he goes for the "are bloggers bad?" angle, rather than any of the other stuff he knows about Gannon.  I can't give him points for that.  He knows the truth.  He chose his angle accordingly.

      (In replying to your other message, I somehow screwed something up and killed both your message and my reply.  I apologize for that, and am replying here instead.)

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