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  •  Winning ain't everything. (5+ / 0-)

    for example, when we had the majority in both house and senate the democrats didn't act.  Those fights should have been over and we shouldn't be complaining about this.  We won and the conversation was still lost.

    Things that could have been better:

    1)health care with a public option
    2)a much beefer stimulus that actually did more
    3)a proper investigation into the economic meltdown
    4)new regulations on "too big too fail" economic institutions.
    5)a total overhaul of patent system that prevents innovation (an Obama campaign promise)

    We had a filibuster proof majority.  Yet It feels like a loss those years.  I will vote because I actually like the candidates running in my state.  Sestake would get my vote because he is a progressive.  If I lived in another state It would be a coin toss if I showed up to vote or not.  That's probably how most people feel.

    PS:  This is the base you are preaching to.  A jaded base that remembers choice words from Obama's former chief of staff who called the base "fucking retarded".  We will still vote though even with the total disregard we get from our collective representatives.  It's not us you should be exerting effort on.  It's all the other people who voted for hope and change which aren't the base that you should be reaching out to.

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