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  •  Even if GOP regains control of the Senate (5+ / 0-)

    it will be a very narrow margin, and I think you will see a lot GOP bills stall in the Senate. Assuming austerity-type bills actually pass the GOP House. There is a reason so many Republicans have refused to actually specify spending cuts, they know those cuts wont be very popular.  

    •  and given the level (3+ / 0-)
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      of discretionary spending on social programs, it won't add up to a hill of beans, that's what their real problem is.   You can't fund the defense department war spending and cut medicaid, epa and education and save enough money for people to see the difference in the botton line on the federal budget.  The corporate masters will keep monies flowing for corporate bailout.

      If you look at wiping out Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, HUD, Education, Labor, EPA, the National Science Foundation and the Corporation for National and Community Services entirely, that would be 22% of the deficit for this year. If you wiped out the stimulus costs (because this would wipe out tax cuts too) you could get to about 44% of the deficit, but they will keep a lot of this, they need it in their districts, so they talk big but it won't happen.

      Clearly, if all that money was wiped out, the pain on main street would be enormous, effects of persons unemployed, veterans without medical assistance, education costs falling 100% on state and local government, etc. would be catastrophic to ordinary people. So they won't do it.  They will attempt to  make cuts that hurt the poorest, that they think people won't immediately notice, as per usual.  But that maybe only gets them maybe 10% savings.

      The only thing they can count on is that the MSM continues to lie for them, overstating cuts and ignoring the actual deficits.

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