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    Bachmann Boasts About Leading Weekly Constitution Classes In Congress, Then Waffles About Civil Liberties Under The PATRIOT Act
    Reported by Ellen - October 13, 2010 -

    Michele Bachmann visited the Glenn Beck show yesterday (10/12/10) where she and guest host Judge Andrew Napolitano wondered about the effects that winning Tea Party candidates will have on Washington, D.C. and vice versa. Bachmann said she plans to do her part to keep Tea Party legislators from being "so susceptible to melting" by conducting weekly classes on the Constitution for Congressional freshman. But no sooner had she invited Napolitano to be one of the guest experts, than he asked her whether the Tea Party would advocate for restoring civil liberties abolished under the Bush administration. Suddenly, Constitution-champion Bachmann began waffling and fumbling. (continued)

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