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    Some of my relatives are or have been teachers. I could never be a teacher. I can teach a person how to do a task. A room full of young people? Nope. There would be lawsuits and restraining orders by the end of the first day!

    My favorite teachers were the ones who knew I was not understanding something, and talked me over or around the bump on my path to an education.

    My very favorite teacher was my second-grade teacher, who realized that a little girl and I were already readers, and packed us off to the school library for the period when the other kids were fighting with Dick and Jane. I was busted when she called on me to read aloud, and I had no idea where the class was because I was reading several pages ahead.

    A love of reading is the key to success in school and life. With the advent of the Internet, a person who likes to read can learn anything.

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